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To pursue her dream of a better future, Rosa sought work overseas. Leaving her husband and three children in the Philippines, she found out quickly that, when it comes to domestic work abroad, one has to forget one’s own needs and desires. She saw this as her fate and God’s will. Chores had to be completed to the satisfaction of her foreign employers, whilst her dedication in taking care of their children was second to none. The Philippines, Singapore and England are vastly different worlds. Mastering her anxieties, she tackled unfamiliar tasks she had never dreamed of – using washing machines, cooking with spices and wine, and handling fragile wine and spirit glasses. For this, she was paid much more than what many teachers in the Philippines earned in a month.

This is Rosa’s story – the story of an individual person’s drive to improve her lot in life, in the context of the Philippine economic conditions.

‘You have in many subtle and not so subtle ways spelled out the life journeys of so many many Filipinos.’ … more

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